Therapy Plans & Pricing

Single Sessions

  • Weight loss

    Perfect for beginners * Use Weekly *
    • Weight Loss with Hypnotherapy includes guided visualizations
    • You will learn how to eat less and stop binging
    • Your self esteem will be greatly enhanced
    • You will feel healthier and in control
    • You will get PTSD removal to heal big and little traumas
    • With Hypnosis we deal with the cause of overeating
    • Hypnosis works better than dieting because we heal your past
    • Your relationship with food gets normalized
    • * Use Weekly *
  • Stop Smoking

    Perfect for who have tried and failed in the past.
    • Guided Visualizations, PTSD, Relaxation, Self Esteem
    • Priceless Healthier Body
    • * Use Weekly *
  • Depression/Anxiety

    Change Your Thoughts/ Heal Your Mind
    • Depression and Anxiety can ruin your life quality.
    • I can help you overcome its powerful affects and thrive
    • We release past painful memories which get stuck inside you.
    • We anniliate the bad feelings with PTSD removal
    • We then train your mind to stop thinking negative
    • We learn powerful forgiveness techniques
    • * Use Weekly *
  • Pain Management

    Change Your Thoughts and Heal Your Body
    • Six Trance recordings for 31 day program.
    • You will learn a powerful technique EFT to reduce anxiety.
    • Three bonus recordings for your pleasure.
    • You will learn how to manage your pain enhancing mind.
    • * Use Weekly *
  • Sober Living Plan

    Perfect for beginners
    • Save Your Life Improve your Self Image
    • In the Moment Tools to reduce the cravings
    • A Feeling of Universal Support
    • Nutritional Support
    • Learning to Be around DOPE/Alcohol and not use.
    • Build UP a Motivated Successful Life
    • 3 bonus recordings
    • * Use Weekly *
  • Healing Your Heart

    Perfect for grief, break up or anything that has broken you.
    • Learn the Stages of Grief
    • Get The Support
    • Enhance Heart Energy
    • Learn How to Love with a Broken Heart.
    • Instead of Crying all Night, Listen and Sleep Well.
    • Get the Healthy Healing So You Can Finally Move On.
    • * Use Weekly *
  • Silver

    • You get personalized sessions, for whatever you want to heal
    • Enjoy the guided imagery sessions
    • a complete therapeutic experience at home
    • 2 sessions
  • Platinum

    Every month
    For more intense experience
    • biweekly skype
    • self esteem self empowerment and assertive thinking sessions
    • more intense PTSD release
    • Kersey Personality Profile / Learn more about yourself
    • more support with sending you emails to keep you focused
    • 3 additional recordings a week personalized 4 you.